Grade Ratification

Ratification of Grades & Gradings

The SDF can ratify your grades if they come from a bonafide Source. We require proof of your previous grades to enable us to check their authenticity before issuing any ratifications.

All Dan Grades can be ratified for people of all ages.

Ratification is open to members and non-members prices are below


SDF Members – A4 Certificate plus document and history check £20 inc postage
SDF Members – A3 Certificate plus document and history check £30 inc postage

Non Members – A4 Certificate plus document and history check £30 inc postage
NonMembers – A3 Certificate plus document and history check £40 inc postage

For all ratifications please fill out the form below.


SDF is also able to grade you in a variety of styles and systems. We have a genuine 10th Dan at the helm in Dave Turton and various 5th, 6th and 7th Dans in numerous arts.

If you would like to be graded in your own system or style this is also possible. We will need a copy of your grading syllabus beforehand to ensure we provide the best grading offices for your style.

If you would like the SDF to grade you please contact us for more details. Prices vary depending on grade you are taking.