Adverse Situations & Multiple Attackers

Our Adverse Situations and Multiple Attackers Level 4 Course is designed for those who wish to cover more advanced techniques.

Any situation other than standing facing your opponent puts you in an ‘Adverse Situation’. Sitting, lying down or in a car and dealing with weapons.

We do not teach you how to fight with weapons but how to stay safe and the signs to look out for. We also cover multiple attackers i.e. more than one attacker. There are many principals to work though and several new techniques.

Multiple Attackers or Gang Attacks are a person(s) being attacked by more than one attacker and this requires specialised knowledge. This course will give you this knowledge.

This Course covers:

  • Limited/restrictive Environments
  • Best methods for Nullify adverse situations
  • Limitations/restrictive of clothing
  • Psychology behind dealing with a group of attackers
  • Multiple attackers on to one
  • How to use your environment to your advantage
  • Various Weapon attacks from bottles, knife to sticks
  • Recovering the basics of distance, awareness and avoidance  

Duration:             Approximately 4-5 hours