Instructor Course FAQs

What benefits can I gain from taking these courses?
The knowledge that you have become qualified in teaching self defence to ALL walks of life, not just martial artists.

You will be registered with ASMAA/SDF as a qualified instructor and you can then advertise yourself as such and start teaching in your own right. Many of our past instructors have gained a ‘second income’ as self-defence instructors; one or two have become full-time instructors.

You can commence teaching after gaining just the LEVEL ONE AWARD. The other Levels will simply add to your remit.

Who can apply to take these courses?
Just about ANYONE over 18 and with NO convictions for violence.

You do NOT have to be a Black Belt, or indeed you don’t even need to be a martial artist, although admittedly some knowledge of the martial arts does help. However, we have qualified Personal Trainers, Security Trainers and many other people as self defence instructors.

Please note:
Qualification in one or more of these Awards does NOT make you a Black Belt and you cannot issue self defence grades to your students. You are qualified as an INSTRUCTOR only.

How do these courses run?
ASMAA/SDF has many Assessors throughout the UK and one Assessor in the Republic of Ireland. Candidates may contact any of them to arrange one or more of these courses.

Do I have to take all the courses?

You can take as many or as few of these courses as you desire. You also don’t have to take them in any specific order. The only exception is the Level One Basic Self Defence Diploma. This MUST be taken before taking any of the remainder.

Some people have taken the Level One Basic Self Defence Diploma only and been content with that, while others have taken all of them. You may decide to just take the ones you feel are most relevant to your own circumstances.

When are the courses held?
We provide a one-to-one facility, as well as small group bookings. They can be booked around your work and the instructors availability.

If you wish to take any of these courses or indeed wish to have more details about them, just contact us and ask.